September 11, 2009

Welcome to the blog!

Welcome and bienvenue to the new blog version of A Propos, which comes to replace the former quarterly newsletter of the same name produced by and for the French Language Division of the American Translators Association.

We chose to make this change because of the advantages a blog offers, in particular:

Easier access - With our old newsletter, you had to go to the FLD site and download the newsletter in a pdf version, then scroll through the pages to read the issue. Now you can just add this blog to your bookmarks for one-click access.

More interaction - Our pdf newsletter allowed for very little reader feedback. With the blog, readers will be able to comment (for a limited period of time) on each new article to share their ideas or ask questions (where possible, our authors will follow and respond to comments).

Content navigation - You will be able to find posts easily, even if you don't remember when they appeared, by using the search function. Simply enter one or more keywords into the search window on the main page. You will also be able to browse posts by category.

What else is changing? Although we will still be bringing you the same type of content  - articles about translation in the French/English combination (both directions) as well as items related to the languages themselves - we will now be publishing articles one by one on a semi-monthly basis rather than grouping several articles into an issue.

We welcome your participation! You can leave comments and questions about the articles or even submit your own article or content (in French or English). To learn more about submitting, please contact the editors at


  1. Great job! This looks like a good format and one that is in line with the times.

  2. Thanks for your work on this and the thought you put into the new format.

  3. Thank you so much Elizabeth for this very good idea and product. FLD leaped jumped into the 21st. Julie