June 10, 2010

Call for nominations

The nominating committee has received a great nomination for Administrator. Only one, so at this point the election will be uncontested.

Before the beginning of July we need a nomination for Assistant Administrator. We are telling members that we have a candidate for Administrator in the hope that this will inspire one or more of you to offer to help him run the FLD. Yes, him! The FLD will have a man in charge after a long time, unless of course other nominations for Administrator come in before the deadline and we hold an election.

The call for Nominations is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/listeFLD/files/FLD_Call%20for%20nominations.pdf. It has lots more information and the link for the nomination form. Please contact any of the nominating committee (me, Julie Porter, Alan Dages and Patrice Vanhyle) for further information. We will publish the slate of candidates in early July.

Karen Tkaczyk (Nominating Committee Chair)

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